(mfe) This blog is the result of a great hackweek project at SUSE, but still : This is not in any way affiliated with SUSE. It’s the unofficial Cultural Onboarding Maxfeld blog from some interculturally interested SUSE employees in Nürnberg, Maxfeldstraße, the headquarter of Germany’s greatest Open Source company.

During Hackweek (some private innovation time off SUSE grants its employees in development twice a year) some of us started this blog, and we got an amazing feedback: On a temporary wordpress site more than fifteen people contributed and wrote 20 blog items on the first days. Also a big thanks to the SUSE HR ladies who helped with this!

We are currently refining the strategy, thinking of and discussing about categories and place to put this, but we invite all of you to contribute. There is an Etherpad where we collect ideas, a mailing list com@suse.de will be set up for both direct help for newcomers with questions and to spot or solve funny situations that might make great blog posts.

Thus remember the SUSE dogmas: “Have a lot of fun!” and “Whoever does something, is right.” – contribute!