(mfe) “Why are all these people staring at me?” is a question many travelers and new arrivals ask themselves – and their German hosts. Here’s a nice article about this strange thing that we Germans don’t even realize, in fact we consider it friendly interest in somebody else (mostly).
But since this often is performed with a grumpy face (some say we invented the “resting bitch face”), people tend to think something crazy is happening or they did something wrong.

Don’t worry, it’s just the standard German Stare. Elderly Bavarian or Franconian women may have developed a higher level of expertise on it, on trains, cars, in cafes, houses, out of their windows, even in the supermarket queue.

Here’s a nice article about that:  “The Germanic Stare Down”: Watcha Lookin’ at, Granny? – SPIEGEL ONLINE , a blog about the stare (and ordering a Coke): Why Germans Stare

and a video:

How to piss off a German – Matador Network