Coming to a new city can always be a little daunting. Wondering whether you will fit in, meet people outside of work and make friends. So here are a couple of ideas that you might like to explore:

Firstly, there is a popular magazine in Nürnberg for everyone titled “Doppelpunkt” (which translates as colon as in the punctuation and not the last section of the intestine of course). This has a very up-to-date listing of all the main events that are occurring in and around Nürnberg, Fürth and Erlangen. These events vary from music, theatre, cinema, dance, parties, literature, television & radio programs, children activities and much more. There is also a gastronomy guide and an introduction to the local scene. Admittedly it’s all in German, but it doesn’t take much to decipher what’s going on.

Here’s a link to their website:

If you happen to be on Facebook, you might consider joining these public groups:

1) English Stammtisch – Nürnberg | Join the Party

This is an English-speaking group with more than 5000 members that focus on meetings and events where people can meet and get together to talk in English.

It describes itself as:

English Stammtisch is a voluntary effort to support the expat community of Nuremberg. English is the common language for guests, but you will meet a variety of native speakers at our event.

This group is not an organization or a business venture. We do not analyse or sell any of your data.

The last Thursday of the month is ALWAYS in Bäckerhof and there’s an ‘EXTRA’ Stammtisch TWO weeks prior, which is always somewhere different.

2) Nürnberg Rocks…

This is an english and german-speaking group with more than 1,200 members, so the language is often a little mixed. However it offers a number of useful cultural tips to most people living in Nürnberg.

It describes itself as:

Grüss Gott!

This is a group created to share gastronomical, cultural and interesting events and exhibitions in Nürnberg. Please feel free to add or share it with friends.

If you want to watch a new blockbuster movie in English, without German dubbing, you may want to visit the Roxy Renaissance Cinema.  This cinema mainly plays films with the original soundtrack.

Alternatively you can visit Cinecitta, the largest cinema in Nürnberg, where they show a number of their films in original version. Take a look at these:,181900.html

If you or anyone else have any further suggestions, please mention them in the comments below.