james_on_bassOne thing that all cultures have in common is music. People might not all have the same musical taste, but most people just want to have a good time and it’s always a good ice breaker when discussing music likes and dislikes.

We at SUSE have realized that we have amongst us several talented musicians and, like an open source project, we have been able to bring several of them together on a regular basis to rehearse songs, make music and to nurture them as a band.

The band started originally as a HackWeek 11 project and has become a prominent entity in its own right by providing the essential icing-on-the-cake for a good party.

SUSE LOUD (as we are now known as) has performed at previous HackWeeks, the Christmas Party in 2015, the OpenSUSE Conference June 2016 and last night at the HackWeek 15 party to the Nürnberg staff and several members of the ELT.

The band is tries to be open to anyone from any culture, provided that they can play an instrument reasonably well or sing. Currently it consists of 4 Germans, 1 Greek, 1 Spaniard and 1 Brit (that’s me).

If you play an instrument and are interested in getting involved, drop us an email to musicians@suse.de.