Whenever you’re on the road in Germany, you’ll find lots of American brands all over the place. McDonald’s, Burger King, Starbucks and more for example when it’s about fast food. 

However there are a lot “brands” that don’t exist in the USA, though they pretend to be American and they play on the Germans’ belief that they are.

I am terribly sorry if that takes away any dreams and illusions, but the San Francisco Coffee Company cafe chain does not exist in California. If there is a company of that name, it’s not a well known chain. In fact people from California may giggle on seeing  shops and brands like that, especially once they have read their website, claiming turquiose, pink and yellow as “Californian life style colours” while being headquartered and founded in Munich, Bavaria. 

Same thing happens with a lot of clothes or similar brands, and you can see lots of cultural misconceptions, preaeassumptions and memes on both sides, the facepalm is your friend. Cross-cultural shopping is fun, just take your friends to town and chat…. 🙂 

Btw: The “Vinzenz Murr” butchery shop on the photo is one of a medium size Bavarian (Munich) chain, as is “Der Beck” (Erlangen) or the pan-german”Ditsch” franchise bakery shop.

Some of these chains may pretend to be traditional,  but in fact they are producing huge amounts of food every day and they are present in almost every mall and train station. Vinzenz Murr butcheries for example call themselves traditional Bavarian, and at the same time they boast with hiring 147 apprentices per year. If you are looking for traditional local food and shops, ask the locals!