After you’ve visited all the places highlighted in tourist books and brochures, there are still plenty of interesting things to do in Nuremberg. Here is my personal top five.

Even if your German is not up to scratch, you ought to drop by the Schmitt & Hahn newsstand at the Nuremberg Central Station. This store offers probably the best selection of magazines for every topic imaginable: from Raspberry Pi and photography to knitting and vintage tractors. There is also a limited selection of foreign magazines and books.

While you are at the Central Station, drop by the VGN ticket office and buy a monthly card for public transportation. While there are several options to choose from, the Solo31 card is probably your best bet. This non-transferable card (i.e. it can only be used by you) is valid for all public transportation in Nuremberg, Fürth, and Stein. Don’t forget to bring a photo with you. Alternatively, you can order the card online at

Once you have the card, try the U-Bahn roulette game. Get off at a random U-Bahn station and explore the surrounding area. There is no better way to experience Nuremberg (or any other city for that matter) by “getting lost” in it.

Try Knusperecke at Der Beck
Try Knusperecke at Der Beck

Hungry? No matter where in the city you are, chances are there is a Der Beck bakery nearby. Here, you’ll find a variety of lunch options and a decent selection of pastries. There are two things you ought to try there: Quarkschnecke and Knusperecke. The latter is in high demand, though, so you have to be there early in order to get one. Also, anything with the word laugen in it is pretty good, too. Some Der Beck bakeries also serve breakfast, so you don’t have to miss the most important meal of the day no matter what. If you find yourself visiting Der Beck on a regular basis, consider asking the staff for a Der Beck card. Use it every time you buy something there to collect points. Once you have enough points you can get a discount for your next purchase or a free cup of coffee. See also San Francisco Coffee Company, Vinzenz Murr and other brands.

If you crave entertainment, give Cinecitta a try. This impressive complex houses a cinema along with several eateries and bars. More importantly, some movies are shown in the original language with German subtitles — a real boon if you are not keen on the whole dubbing thing. Also, one of the bars in Cinecitta serves excellent cocktails at reasonable prices.


There are also a couple of places for book lovers. Die Buchhandlung Jakob, or just Jakob, is a quiet and cozy place that offers an excellent selection of books on a wide range of topics: photo books, travel guides, crime fiction, and much, much more. Not far from Jakob, you’ll find Jokers that sells books at deep discounts.