If you have been living in Germany for a while and are thinking about giving up your passport and getting a German citizenship, then you might want to read up on this:

Becoming a German citizen through Naturalization.

The main requirements are that you need adequate German skills, can support yourself financially, have health insurance and have no criminal record. However for most people, you won’t be considered unless you have been living in Germany for at least 8 years.

It’s different of course if you happen to be married to a German national.

Normally you would have to sit a German language test and also a German naturalization test (Einbürgerungstest). The language test is usually pitched at the B1.2 standard level. The naturalization test is however quite difficult and not many natives can answer all of the questions. It involves only 33 questions regarding the different states of Germany, the German government, the democratic process and the basic constitutional rights that every German citizen is entitled to. Apparently you are only required to pass 17 out of the 33 questions and most people (90%) who take the test pass. Both tests cost money, so in total you will probably have to pay out about 400€ with an additional 100€ for the actual passport (please don’t hold me to these prices, I just can’t remember off the top of my head).

Both tests are held locally in Nürnberg and the Volkshochschule/Bildungszentrum is responsible for holding them. They also offer mock exams, if you want to get the practice in beforehand.

There are also some Android apps available for testing yourself with German Einbürgerung facts, so download it and start working on it 🙂

If you are British and would like to become naturalized, you have the opportunity to hold dual-citizenship with the UK, provided that your application is approved before the Brexit (29th March 2019).

If you decide to go ahead, good luck! There are other people in SUSE who also decided to become German citizens and you may wish to ask their advice first.