Welcome to the COM blog! Com is about Cultural Onboarding Maxfeld – the part of Nürnberg where the SUSE Headquarters are located. Have fun reading, learning and discussing the German vision of life compared to your home country! Here’s what this blog is all about:

Whether you are a newcomer to Nuremberg, a foreigner living in Germany for a while or a German native, this unofficial blog by SUSE employees from all over the world is a place for you to exchange what you encounter when socializing with the German culture and also to find helpful tips and theoretical inputs on cultural differences.

Share your experiences!

Beyond sharing embarrassing and funny experiences, the aim is to help newcomers to understand and integrate to the German vision of life. So enjoy, feel free to share and discuss and above all:

“Have a lot of fun!”

BTW: This is what Nuremberg looked like in 1493, and pretty much of this medieval city center is still there. You will find our offices just to the right of the four towers of the castle, about a hundred meter (300 ft) behind the Maxtor square. (pic is PD, from wikimedia)