"A different language is a different vision of life" (Federico Fellini))


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On this page you will find insights, links and posts about the science of cultures, read about sociological or psychological studies and more. We’ll try to check if their results match with what we see in every day life.

Anxious Americans? Take Care!

(mfe) The NYT says: “Americans are a pretty anxious people. Nearly one in five of us — 18 percent — has an anxiety disorder.” – read “The Anxious Americans – The New York Times”

Although my view may not be complete, I must admit that most of my American friends tell me that they loose a sense of tension and anxiety when they “arrive” in Europe. Once they understand how our society works, the tension gets less pretty quickly. Or, as a dear friend of mine once said: “There’s no need to worry that much if there’s no guns around.” Do you think this is true?

Anyway, since I first heard about this, I treat American guests in a different way. I’m still a good host, like I hope I used to be before, but I respect the fact that they will judge situations in a very different way. They might think of things as intrusive, offensive or agressive that for Germans, Bavarians and especially Franconians (or Oberpfalz people like me) are simply normal.

I learnt to take a little bit more care and ask a question two or three times, since the communication partner might think the question was only a formula, a politeness, not real interest.



Cultural Misunderstandings… knocking up and stuff…

Psychology Today had an short but interesting article about aspects of Cultural Misunderstandings that may mislead into tricky situations:
Knocking somebody up, race or latin lover may mean different things depending on your or your communication partner’s background.

Cultural Misunderstandings – Psychology Today (May 2010)

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